Mental Routines Template

Ajdin Kolonić
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If you've read The Mental Habits of Winners and are ready to start creating your routines, then this is the tool you need! This template, which is based on the Triple Five Mental Strength Model, ensures that you create optimal routines for your mental challenges and stick to them.

Ready-Made Routines

Need help in creating routines? Choose one or more of the 7 ready-made routines that tackle the most common mental challenges in tennis.

Or make it even easier for yourself and get all 7 ready-made routines for the price of 5! 

Take time to create your mental routines. Test them, adapt them, practice them. Then ritualized them and repeat them. Once they become automatic and turn into strong habits, you will reap the benefits!

You will win more often and enjoy playing matches more than ever before.

"The key to mental strength in tennis is cultivating the right habits." 
  • You will get editable PDF files in all cases.

  • You will get editable PDF files in all cases.
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Mental Routines Template

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